another four types of jewelry you will love

another four types of jewelry you will love


Belly Chains
Belly chains, also referred to as waist chains, are typically worn round the abdomen area. They were traditionally called the “Kamarband/Udiyanam”. they will even be attached to navel piercings and are usually made from gold or silver. they’re really popular decorative jewelry among belly dancers.

Belly chains are used for over 4000 years in India but are currently used everywhere the planet in these times . Their traditional use saw them being worn during religious ceremonies by men and ladies and was seen as a logo for wealth and power. They were worn by the foremost powerful deities within the Hindu religion like Lord Krishna.

Armlets, or armbands, are a band made from metal that adorns the biceps of the upper arm. they’re almost like bracelets but are worn on the upper arm. They were traditionally worn by men and are documented within the literature written within the Bronze Age. they’re really popular within the Indonesian culture, where they’re worn by men and ladies both. they’re Kelat Bahu within the region and are worn as traditional jewelry in ceremonies and dances. They were also worn by brides in Sri Lanka to ward of misfortune .

A tiara is traditionally worn by women as ornamental jewelry. they’re worn only on formal occasions where the code is typically a white tie. They were worn in past to suggest status , especially during the Persian era, where they were worn by kings. Tiaras are a big a part of British history, as Queen Elizabeth was known to possess the most important and most precious collection of tiaras in history. they need always been related to Royalty but are now often utilized in formal events and parties.

A circlet may be a jewelry piece for the top and appears almost like a diadem. Circlets were traditionally used as a word for the bottom of the coronet or crowns. They resemble open crowns that haven’t any arches and were employed by successors to the throne.

They have been recorded during the Greek era where people with affluence within the community often worn them during a social setting. Circlets were often referred to as the Stephanos, which may be a laurel wreath. This was almost like crowns made from thorns that were rumored to possess been placed on the top of Jesus. this is often depicted in many paintings and statues of Jesus throughout history.

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