FOUR differing types OF GOLD JEWELRY

FOUR differing types OF GOLD JEWELRY


FOUR differing types OF GOLD JEWELRY
Gold jewelry may be a timeless addition to any wardrobe- the colour of gold has been considered attractive since antiquity. Nowadays, there are some ways to get the golden aesthetic without going over budget- by buying differing types of gold jewelry. But what exactly are you getting? We’re here to offer you the rundown about the four sorts of gold jewelry commonly found in today’s market.

FOUR differing types OF GOLD JEWELRY
There are four primary techniques wont to give jewelry a gold color: gold plating, gold vermeil, gold-filled, and solid gold casting.

1. Gold Plated Jewelry
The most common and affordable technique, gold plating encompasses a good sort of jewelry. This ranges from low-quality costume jewelry to higher-end “bridge” jewelry. Gold plating is that the process of coating a base metal with a layer of gold via a electroplating solution. the bottom metal is typically something cheap, like copper, nickel, aluminum, or maybe a mix of varied metals.

When jewelers and makers create gold plated jewelry, the thickness of the plating determines the jewelry’s price point. The unit wont to measure gold plating thickness is named a micron, or 0.001 of a millimeter. Most costume jewelry is plated with 1 micron or less, which suggests that the plating will quickly wear off over time. Higher-end designer or branded jewelry could also be plated with 2 to three microns of gold, ensuring a longer-lasting color.


2. Gold Vermeil Jewelry
Gold vermeil may be a special sort of gold plated jewelry. so as for an item to be called gold vermeil, the bottom metal must be alloy , and therefore the micron thickness must be a minimum of two .5 microns. this sort of gold-colored jewelry is preferred by artisans who want to make durable jewelry without using expensive gold. due to its lower cost , gold vermeil has become increasingly fashionable consumers, since it’s good quality jewelry at a cheaper price point.

However, like all gold-colored jewelry, gold vermeil remains vulnerable to wear. additionally , the gold layer can become discolored after a short time . Frequent care, like cleaning the jewellery with a mild cloth to get rid of oils and dirt, will preserve the plating.

GOLD VERMEIL is typically STAMPED WITH 925 FOR alloy , then A KARAT NUMBER to point GOLD CONTENT.

3. Gold Filled Jewelry
Unlike gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry, gold filled jewelry isn’t simply covered with a skinny layer of gold. Gold filled jewelry is really created with a thick sheet of gold that’s permanently bonded to a base metal. additionally , gold filled jewelry must be a minimum of 5% of the item’s total weight, making it 5-10 thicker and more durable than gold plating. Gold-filled jewelry can last from 10 years to even 30 years, and items like necklaces and earrings are known to retain their gold color for quite a century!

While this system is extremely common with antique and vintage jewelry, its pricier cost is a smaller amount appealing to designers compared to simple gold plating and gold vermeil. This makes it less available on the market, but it’s still an excellent choice for people that want long-lasting jewelry with the looks of gold.


4. Solid Gold Casting Jewelry
“Solid gold” is really an incorrect name for many gold jewelry. Customers usually think that solid gold means pure gold. In truth, pure gold is taken into account by most manufacturers to be too soft and expensive for jewelry creation. The “solid” gold you purchase on the market is really an alloy (a mixture of metals) that contains gold and other metals that provide structure and sturdiness . the upper the gold content therein alloy, the costlier the gold jewelry.

But how does one find out the gold content? Gold is measured by karat, or 24 parts. That’s why you’ll see gold jewelry marked as 10k, 14k, or 18k; these numbers actually mean 10/24, 14/24, and 18/24. In percentages, those numbers tell you the quantity of gold within that piece of jewellery .

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