Gold vermeil jewellery and Pros of gold vermeil jewellery

Gold vermeil jewellery and Pros of gold vermeil jewellery


Gold vermeil jewellery
Gold vermeil jewellery (pronounced ‘ver-may’) is formed of either pure or alloy which is heavily plated with gold. you would possibly also see it mentioned as silver gilt or gilded silver. this is often one among our favourite finishes to use in our jewellery designs as a solid gold alternative, along side gold filled.

Quatrefoil statement pendant necklace in alloy and gold plate. Unique statement jewellery in our Australian online jewellery store.
To be considered gold vermeil, the us requires that the minimum gold purity used be 10ct gold: we most frequently use 14ct, 18ct or 24ct gold in our vermeil finishes. us regulations also require that the plating be a minimum of 2.5 microns thick, making it an important plated finish.

You’ll find that the majority jewellers round the world are likely to satisfy these requirements for gold vermeil finishes.

Pros of gold vermeil jewellery
Once again, the most pro is just affordability. Gold vermeil may be a good alternative to solid gold. It won’t wear quite also as gold filled, but most jewellers are ready to create this finish far more easily than gold filled. additionally , like regular gold plated jewellery, the finish are often repaired by re-plating.

Also you’ve got the added value of the whole piece being made from precious metals, with the metal beneath the plating being real silver instead of a base metal. this may help it to retain its value over time.

Cons of gold vermeil jewellery
The cons here are an equivalent like gold plated jewellery, but within the case of gold vermeil the plating is nearly always heavier than standard gold plated metal, meaning it’ll wear better and therefore the finish will last longer, especially with proper care.

Gilded gold jewellery
I’ve created a couple of gilded jewellery designs over the years using an ancient technique called keum-boo that i used to be taught by a Korean friend way back once I was at university. The technique involves heating alloy and applying 24ct foil thereto , then employing a tool to burnish the gold in order that it bonds with the silver. This produces a beautifully rich gold coloured finish over silver.

This jewellery generally wears well, but has similar pros and cons thereto of gold plated jewellery and these pieces should be treated with care.

Brass jewellery
My best advice about brass jewellery is: generally steer clear. It are often given a stunning gold-like finish, but it’s a base metal and has downsides. It’s likely to show your skin green or black and you’ll develop an allergy thereto . You’re far better off spending a touch more for an alternate gold finish that uses real gold and can offer you tons less grief and supply tons better value for your money.

The parting shot
If you’re trying to find jewellery which will truly stand the test of your time and may afford it, solid gold jewellery will always be the simplest option for you.

Gold filled chain necklace with a citrine briolette gemstone. Unique designer jewellery in our online Australian jewellery store.
However, alternative gold finishes (especially gold filled and gold vermeil) are great when you’d rather spend less and when you’re buying fashion jewellery type pieces instead of sentimental or heirloom jewellery.

Keep in mind that each one of those alternative gold finishes will wear over time which some are likely to be easier to repair than others.

Gold filled and gold vermeil jewellery pieces especially are likely to stay looking great for years to return , especially if you take care of your jewellery. All of them are a far better option than purchasing gold coloured base metal jewellery, including brass.

When buying jewellery it is vital to always remember of the kinds of metals used. If the vendor hasn’t made this clear you ought to always ask or shop elsewhere: simply because a bit seems like gold doesn’t suggest it’s actually gold and if the worth is extremely low then it almost certainly contains no gold in the least .

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