types of golden jeweler used in accessories

types of golden jewellery used in accessories


Gold jewellery types: solid gold, vermeil, gold filled & more
By Simone Walsh
A very handy guide all about the various sorts of gold jewellery: gold filled jewellery, gold vermeil jewellery, gold plated jewellery and more – and why you ought to care.
If you’re buying gold jewellery, you would possibly end up a touch lost in jewellery jargon. What does it mean when a bit of jewelry is described as gold vermeil or gold filled? How are those different to solid gold or gold plated jewellery? And why can one piece of gold jewellery be such a lot costlier than another?

We’re here to assist with our rundown of the various sorts of gold jewellery you’re likely to encounter when jewellery shopping online.

Gold is one among the foremost precious elemental metals and one among the foremost widely used when it involves making jewellery.

It’s also one among the foremost expensive metals, which is why solid gold jewellery comes with a high tag . Luckily there are other options available if that tag is just too high for you.

Let’s dive in …

Solid Gold Jewellery
Pure solid gold isn’t often utilized in jewellery making because it’s very soft. Instead the gold is alloyed with other metals to form it harder and better wearing. the upper the carat, the upper the gold content within the metal, with 24ct gold having the very best purity and 9ct having rock bottom .

If you would like to find out more about solid gold (including carats and karats) you ought to read our article: All about gold.

If you’re generally curious about the metals that enter the jewellery you wear (and you ought to be!), also inspect our article about silver.

Pros of solid gold jewellery
Solid gold jewellery is very valuable and it’ll retain that value for several years – even centuries – to return . Higher carats of gold are unlikely to tarnish and you’ll never wear away the finish to a special coloured metal beneath.

Solid gold stud earrings with lazuli gemstones: handmade jewellery by Australian jewellery designer Simone Walsh.
Solid gold jewellery signifies wealth and opulence, but it’s also a really portable sort of financial security because it can always be melted down and sold as a commodity in times of crisis.

Cons of solid gold jewellery
The only con is just expense. Gold is repeatedly costlier than silver and jewellery made in gold will always cost considerably more to shop for than pieces made in silver or other lower cost metals.

But if you’ll afford to take a position in beautiful solid gold jewellery: you’re golden!

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